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In Service of Our Country

For Better Lives

We mentor US veterans in starting businesses. And we create start-up business opportunities for veterans to own. By doing so we create more jobs for other veterans. Most of the veteran entrepreneurs we have helped have achieved financial independence through the companies we assisted them in forming.

Patriotic Hearts is recognized is a 501c3 Non Profit Organization.

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Patriotic Hearts Veteran

Your donation can help provide careers and daily jobs to veterans and assists companies with veteran recruiting through their job board, and nationwide recruiting events.

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Our History

About Patriotic Hearts

In 2005, the founders were living next door to Camp Pendleton Marine Base. One day a Marine who had just returned home from Iraq knocked on their door. “Sir,” he said, “I just got back from deployment and found out that my wife was laid-off a couple of months before I got back home. And when I got back today I found out that our utilities were turned off. So I need to earn some extra money to make sure that we can have lights and heat before my kids go to sleep tonight. – Is there any work or repairs that I can do for you around your home or yard?”

The founders wanted to just give the Marine the money he needed; but, he insisted on working for it. So he cleaned their house, did yardwork and fixed the carburetor on an old car they had. The Marine earned $100 that day and got his bills paid.

Patriotic Hearts was created to see if any other residents wanted to hire local Marines. Within a few months 10,000 residents and Marines were coming to the site every week!

Horses for Healing Heroes

Horses for Healing

The purpose of Horses for Healing Heroes is to provide a place for Recovery and Recuperation and Renewal. People who suffer trauma, injury, and emotional or psychological affliction often respond to working with horses far more effectively than other kinds of therapy. Horses have been used for this purpose for over 3,000 years. Many have called this therapy “amazing,” and “miraculous.” And it has demonstrated positive results when working closely with horses.

Patriotic Hearts has been assisting US Veterans and their families for decades. Now, with many American heroes risking their lives daily to provide our medical and physical needs, Patriotic Hearts has expanded their mission to assist all First Responders: Fire, EMTs, Paramedics, Doctors and Nurses, and Police. All of these great Americans stand between us and danger. They risk their lives while saving the lives of other Americans. We all have an obligation to honor their daily sacrifices, and the anxiety and stress of their loved ones.

There are a variety of horse therapy programs available, from the highly trained and certified professionals, to concerned and philanthropic horse ranches; and from the strictly regulated professional standards of horse people with good hearts. Each has their legitimate place in helping people to recover from a variety of emotional, developmental, and physical challenges. Horses have proven over thousands of years to be especially adept at restoring people to better health and mindfulness, regardless of a person’s affliction or issue.

We work with Armed Services, YMCA’s, and Horse of the Sun Ranch. Miracles happen there! And lives are changed for the better. The staff are amazing! Like all great coaches and teachers, they seem to have been given a gift at birth to work with horses and to heal people. It is a wondrous dynamic!

Our charity, Patriotic Hearts, is forming relationships with selected programs across America. The funds we raise are distributed to these horse ranches to help provide for the needs of America’s Heroes across the country.

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